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We’ll meet again

Hearing Vera Lynn sing “We’ll Meet Again” seemed so poignant with the V.E Day celebrations. During lockdown it was really important to me to keep spirits high for those people closest; it’s been absolutely fantastic to see a community come together in COVID-19. When you are creativ and you are told to stay at home creativity reigns free and comes out in all kinds of ways, a huge way has been in the evolution of CreativSAS, however with so much spare time there was more than enough creativity to give to the community too and our street positivity group was formed… Our biggest covid event so far was our V.E Day Social Distancing Street Party, it was a pleasure to be a part of this at such an uncertain time. Events we have also organised were a social distancing outdoor cinema, it’s not just been my creativity that has been at work, the neighbours have absolutely blown my pink socks off with their efforts and contributions. When a grown man sends you his colouring masterpiece it’s a happy day in the CreativSAS house. One of the comments by one of the residents was that in 52 years of living on the cul-de-sac she had never been a part of something so lovely. My attitude of gratitude is overflowing right now…

… And of course there was an excuse to dress up too!

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