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Business Branding

& SASsy one-to-one


Quality creative time with your business Fairy Godmother

Turbocharge your


A splash of creativity can do a lot of good for your business.


Whether you have a great idea with which to start your story, or your brand needs shot of turbo fairy dust to help you fall in love with it again, I provide the magic to help you do more, move in the right direction and build your story for the happiest adventure.

Business can be FUN!


1:1 Power Hour

A little SAS can go a long way. Whatever your troubles, from lack of direction or ideas to brand identity to building confidence, you need some help to get your carriage moving off the periphery of your potential.

What do you get?

90 minutes of undivided care and attention from your own fairy godmother puts everything in perspective, as we wave, our "directional pointing stick" to provide the creativity and confidence to get you on your way to success.

How does it work? 

We operate over call and video call to spread our magic to every corner of the globe.


Simply hop on, have a chat and we’ll work on the magic to creatively transform your business based on your concerns and problems.

The Perfect Fit

Success is on your terms. It’s all about that glass slipper – you want the perfect fit, and CreativSAS are here to get it for you.


Whether you want to achieve some direction or build your confidence, CreativSAS can bring the full fairy tale to technicolour reality.

What's next?


Ready to turn your wishes into reality with a seriously SASsy Strategy? Get in touch with our team today.


Investment from: £397 + VAT

Hayley & the  Oakley team

Full SASterella Gold or VIP


Your brand and business need a good old-fashioned makeover. This is where the brand and vision strategy comes in... With your resident fairy godmother on side, you have the power and courage necessary to repeatedly get into that carriage and wow everyone in the business ballroom. Innovation, motivation and implementation magic only a holla away. 

What do you get?

Using creative magic and a touch of your self-awareness, CreativSAS will help you bring your inner sassy self to the surface, achieve your goals and bring the sparkle back to your brand and business while helping you be the person you’ve always wanted to be, living the life you've always wished for.

How does it work? 

Stop thinking about who you should be and start thinking about who you could be. Our retainer packages keep the story going with magic turbo dust when you need it most, helping you build your brand layer by layer to get you where you’re going in style.

The Wish Maker

Whatever you wish, CreativSAS make it a reality. From building your brand for an international audience to creating all the right attention in your field, I will help you make your daydreams come true for sassy, self-aware success.


What's Next?


Summon your fairy godmother today - get in touch with the team. 

The Hospitality Hero


Brand, Strategy

& Creativ Design

You wouldn't go to the ball without the perfect dress – so why settle for second best when it comes to your brand? If you're not standing out, you're blending in, and no one ever becomes their story's superhero without being in the spotlight.

What do you get?

We work with magic-makers to deliver branding that’s more YOU than anything else. With a sprinkle of sparkle, we help your brand become the talk of the ball, allowing your personality, passion and enthusiasm to shine.

Reel Cover-01-02.png
Manuka Media 

How does it work? 

It’s as simple as bibbidi bobbidi boo. We get to know your story, understand your magic, and weave it into a beautiful brand design that reflects your confidence, courage and most authentic self.

The show off

Becoming The Brand is the perfect way to tell your tale and show off your magic. Our brand package casts a spell on your business to pave the way to success with your happy ending on the horizon.

S.P.A.C.E and Branding Client

What's Next?


It's time to transform your brand. Contact CreativSAS today to get started.


Or for more information

Sassy side services-01.png

Creativ Consultancy for Corporate Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants - Schools and Event Organisers

CreativSAS offers a SAS Storming Service and provision of various creative immersive and interactive artists and products that assist in employee and client engagement - otherwise known as 'Event Fun Stuff'!

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