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Beyond Belief

Did you even know...

You have been wishing the wrong way for far too long!?

Closing your eyes and keeping those wishes secret, has kept those wishes small, hidden and forgotten about for far too long
Take it from someone who knows…THAT IS NO WAY TO MAKE A WISH.
Give yourself permission to make BIG wishes.

Wishes rooted in the self-belief and the putting of YOU first, enough to turn those wishes into reality, require an intentional self-awareness strategy.

This book is your joyous road map to discovering, developing and crowning your SASsy-not-sorry self.

A Happy, Sassy and Successful YOU depends on you loving yourself BEYOND BELIEF!


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Join me, Jojo Smith, your friendly neighbourhood Fairy Godmother, as I share with you how to throw your caution and worries to the wind, uncover and embrace your superpowers so that you can learn how to not give a                         about what anyone else thinks of you, and to foster the courage and confidence you need to finally trust your own capabilities so that you can step into your happiest, SASsiest successful self!

In this book I unapologetically share with you how to strut in your caped, crowned, sparkly self-glory.

It is time to open your eyes, make a wish and let everyone know you intend to make your WISH come true xx

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Here's what people are saying...

If you have ever had any kind of self doubt or struggled with bringing your ideas to life, this is the book for you. Jojo helps you to reframe your limiting beliefs and find your inner strength so that you can shine bright and start to achieve all of those wishes that you’ve always had! 

- Noris 


Full of magical sparkling belief ✨️ such and inspiring book. ✨️ motivational with lots of fun along the reading journey.

- Lisa 


Inspirational, poignant, brilliant. Loved it! JoJo is a first class Fairy Godmother as she transports you on a journey of believing in yourself, waving her wand and pointing you in the direction so you can achieve success. It brought tears, it made me think, and has given me guidance in taking action towards my next step.

- Clare


This book is for anyone that knows they want something in their life to change, but dismiss it could happen. With JoJo’s high energy, sparkle, emotional story of adversity and frameworks to follow, you’ll soon believe that change in your life can happen, and anything is possible.

- Emma 


Meet the Author

Jojo Smith 

The Sassy Not Sorry Creative director of CreativSAS - No.1 Best Selling Author - Public Speaker – Podcast/Radio Show Host


Fairy godmother status applies with this sassy yet serious inspirational and motivational mentor/speaker. Strategy, belief, brand and Business Development expert, JoJo has forged a unique style of working practices, strategy, and infectious high energy talks to encourage, empower and elevate her clients in crowning their courage, confidence, and self-belief to show that they have the power to grant their own wishes into reality!

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