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Non-Stop Sassy!

Where do I start? So much has been happening, it’s been a super busy time – not to mention incredibly sassy!

I have to keep pinching myself with how fast things are moving with CreativSAS, it really is true that we all have personal potential – a power and a passion that makes us unique. Once you own that sassy side of you, it becomes your superpower and it’s unbelievable the heights that you can fly at. Since the beginning of CreativSAS I’ve surrounded myself with phenomenal positive people and groups that have been my safe space and given me inspiration and confidence to actually own my passion and pure potential… It turns out the fairytale does exist, you just have to believe in yourself!

It’s been almost three weeks since my last blog, this has been due to lots of creativ activity. Here’s a few snapshots of what I’ve been up to…

  1. I got to work with an inspirational super-queen – when Dani, the Queen Bee, asked me to creativly consult on her influencer gift boxes for an amazing event that she has created “THE BIG FESTOON” (June 5th)  – so proud to be a part of this! Go check this out, every little helps and we could all make a difference, you might see a CreativSAS “pic-n-post” paddle in the hands of lots of great influencers.


  1. Imagine how excited I was to be approached by the fabulous Natasha Hamilton to creativly consult for her up-and-coming “LIFE STORIES – The Interview Series“. You know you’ve hit the creativ summit when, after some great SAS-Storming Sessions, you get a voice-note that includes a shriek, a “WOW” and “I love it!” It’s been fabulous working with Natasha, this woman is a warrior who I admire for creating a COVID community “Live Better With Natasha” this group has seen a rapid growth in a very short space of time – Natasha you are doing great things!

  1. Creativ Collaboration Alert! Something that I wanted to do as a business owner is invest time in individuals with creativ flare and pure potential… I feel like I’m down with the kids at the minute! (The fact that I’ve just said that probably means that I am not down with the kids…) I approached a brand that had caught my eye on Instagram, only to find out I actually knew this person from my son’s younger years! THE SCRAN MAN – once you look at his Instagram feed you will be lost in mouthwatering flavours and images of his American style soul food – his passion is definitely his purpose… I am excited to announce that we will be doing a Fathers Day Collaboration! June 21st… Fathers Day with a whole new creativ-sassy flavour!

  1. And finally, keep your eyes peeled ? for the first CreativSAS Merchandise, soon to be available on Amazon!

To keep up to date with what I’ve been up to, be sure to follow my Instagram Stories & Feed where I regularly post news and news. Find out more here!

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