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Crazy Creativ!

Sassters, what a ride! It has been fast and furious since the last Blog; it’s been sassy and so full of creativity, I’ve been in my absolute element. There’s been a brand photo shoot, which included tutu’s, crowns and a Harley Davidson! It has 100% brought CreativSAS to life, it shows both the brands’ and my own personality and passion and is exactly how I wanted it to be represented. I felt it could be a risk in bringing out the tutu and crown, but at the end of the day this is me and my happy sassy space. Being authentic in your brand is imperative. The risk was so worth it as the final pictures let you into my lively, bold, full of spirit and cheeky world. Hop over to my Instagram, where you can view this fair selection of sass.

Creativ-Branding Packages

The creativ-branding packages have officially taken flight! We have launched three new brands since I was last here; I Am Emma Robinson (link coming soon), performance and success coach; Pretty Practical Business and The Beauty Bar! All three of these great new businesses travelled with a different package choice but with equally impressive sassy results. I was referred to as the “branding midwife” earlier this month, at first I thought this was quite funny, now I might just be owning this title as I am finding the creativ direction and collaboration within the branding journey is a beautiful and rewarding experience; from concept to birth, then being in the very honoured position of helping to nurture each entrepreneurs business baby. I make no secret of the fact that these brands are birthed through collaboration along with other great creatives – credits to Rosie Wood and Becca Smith.

Pretty Practical Business Expert Pod

Did anybody get chance to watch the first ever Pretty Practical Business expert pod? Rosie Wood and I got the chance to be the first ever guest speakers! This first pod was to help celebrate the launch of Danielle’s new website, she was really eager to share her branding experience. Go check her out, she’s a pretty practical business mogul!

Creativ with COVID-19

It’s no surprise that we’re still getting enquiries for COVID-19 signage, specifically we have worked closely with Schools in preparation for their reopening in September. Signage doesn’t have to be invasive, adapting it to your environment is what makes it sassy, yet still able to serve its purpose. We’re still on a mission to make signage sassy!

What’s in the pipeline?

Intentions have been set, there’s lots going on… I’ll just leave you with a few items to tickle your taste buds.

  1. The official launch / 1st Birthday of CreativSAS is in the planning

  2. Podcasts are being discussed

  3. We’re taking our services and packages to the next level

  4. Wonderful things are coming to the website

  5. Upcoming branding births… A new fitness with finesse brand and a unique energy therapy brand… I’m excited!

And finally…

As the newsreaders say… you’ve heard of TomTom – well now there’s JoJo!! Check out the new sass-storming sessions available for those that might need some creativ direction and a sass-nav to get them to their destination! Use the Contact Form on the website or reach out via Instagram to book in.

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