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Live your

happy ever after...


I know you’re capable of creating the business and life of your dreams. You just need a sprinkle of magic and a carriage (not a coach) to take you there.


Imagine a brand that's more than just a business. Imagine waking up every single day to live a life you used to daydream about. Imagine bringing your fairy tale of a business and life you love to reality. That's what I do. 

As your one and only belief, brand and business development fairy godmother, I help you reach your fullest potential. Combine this with a splash of confidence, a touch of creativity and a dollop of self-awareness to create the perfect potion of freedom and success on your terms. 


With Intention Success Happens


Starting as you mean to go on is key to success. Go big, grab what you want and fix your eyes on the main prize.

Cake Image-01-01.jpg
Wonky crown

Building a solid business, layer by layer

Much like a cake or a fairy tale tower, every business is built layer by layer to achieve incredible things.


We help you create that delicious cake with solid foundations and the icing to hold everything in place, allowing you to celebrate yourself,  your accomplishments and your dream slice by slice. Just imagine having a Cake and Eat It lifestyle and its in all your favourite flavours. 

The foundation of any fairy tale is believing in yourself.


With confidence and SAS self-awareness, you can construct a business that thrives and makes your dreams come true.

What’s a business without an identity that’s as authentic as you are?

I work with you to creatively transform your branding, discover your deepest dreams and create a stand-out ballgown business brand. One that ensures you FLAUNT IT not fidget in it.

Business Dev.

Once the layers are in place, it's time to ice and decorate with full-on glitter and gold!

On top of strong foundations, business development is the key to a happy ever after.



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JoJo's Story

My business and what I do for my clients prove that wishes really do come true. With the right fairy godmother and a good sprinkle of magical Prestige confidence, anything is possible.


At a younger age, I subdued my sparkle, wanting to fit in with everyone else from childhood to early adulthood. But I soon discovered there’s nothing quite as rewarding as being unapologetically yourself and letting everyone else know it too.

Now I help you find the magic in your own brand,  holding your hand along the way until you're ready to let go and have your own adventure.

The SASSY Not Sorry Chapter




  1. lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

    "Jo was smart and sassy and liked to inject that into her business"


Why CreativSAS?

There’s nothing sassier than knowing yourself and your business inside out. That’s the heart of Creativ SAS. Plenty of creativity mixed with self-awareness, a strong understanding of your brand and a bespoke solution that fits you as well as a custom-made ball gown.


Why opt for off-the-peg when you can have the real deal, go to the ball and get that all-important happy ever after?


With my Self Awareness Strategy, I provide the carriage to get you where you want to go in style.


Hop in!

Fairy Godmother Translator:


With Intention Success Happens


Self Awareness Strategy

Creativ Energy

for every crisis 

If you don't ask, you don't get!

Bonus fun facts to prove I walk the walk, not just talk the talk…when it comes to creating and grabbing opportunities

Here’s a few sassy situations that I made it my business to get myself into…

website pics.jpg

The random Harley Davidson guy that let me sit on his Harley in a TUTU for my brand photography shoot.  I asked and he said yes !! 

Shout out to Aleshia Dixon for letting me duet with her on stage – I volunteered and we got sassy !

Attitude of gratitude to the fabulous Dani Wallace for agreeing to an impromptu cuppa as she flew through the midlands – I slid into her Dms, we hugged we cried and that lady set me straight when my own journey was in need of guidance. 

I salute Ant & Dec for having me on stage at the NEC to sing with Blue and exercise my version of a slut drop … That day I went with the  intention to be on that stage – I made it happen !! 

High five to the NTA producer that replied to my direct message regarding suppling creatives to the National Tv Awards – What a Sassy experience that was!! 

Thanks to Davina for answering my phone when it rang at the Big Brother Live final …. The journey that then lead from that was empowering to say the least – 

Respect to Kevin, a client who sadly isn’t here anymore. This man said yes when I promised to solve a problem for him … it created the biggest single sale that the company I was working for at the time had ever seen and solved his problem with less expense than he had anticipated !! 


...but right now I'm


Sat in rollers SAS storming on a zoom call with a client regarding their launch event 

Ordering a breakfast brunch at 6pm because its my favourite power source to keep me sassy 

Hanging out my Tutu to dry hoping the neighbours don’t see my big sassy pants 


Thinking about creating another magical MOMent to surprise my teenage kids in order to bring a little sassy balance to this crazy CreativSAS world that I love  …. 

"you've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself"

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