1. lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

    "Jo was smart and sassy and liked to inject that into her business"

If you haven't already guessed you've entered the world of SASS! 

In order for you to decide if we are a good fit, you most certainly need to know a little more about me…

There’s a whole ‘Once Upon a Time’ story that includes being a sassy survivor of a child in the care system BUT my positivity is giving me my happy ever after. 

Let’s break this down into “facts and fun stuff”

It’s a Scientific fact! According to the corporate style profiling, I am an action orientated business owner with excellent communication skills that help me bond with people.  

Being a natural people person and great communicator, I love collaboration. 


To create rich relationships, makes me feel so good, especially in working relationships. This backs up my passion for collaboration over competition!! 

My positive outlook on life has created a beautiful buoyancy and resilience in me. 

I feel unstoppable and see opportunities everywhere.  I have a confidence which allows me to take action and make the most of any opportunity.

scroll down for the fun facts

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If you don't ask, you don't get!

Bonus fun facts to prove I walk the walk, not just talk the talk…when it comes to creating and grabbing opportunities

Here’s a few sassy situations that I made it my business to get myself into…

The random Harley Davidson guy that let me sit on his Harley in a TUTU for my brand photography shoot.  I asked and he said yes !! 

Shout out to Aleshia Dixon for letting me duet with her on stage – I volunteered and we got sassy !

Attitude of gratitude to the fabulous Dani Wallace for agreeing to an impromptu cuppa as she flew through the midlands – I slid into her Dms, we hugged we cried and that lady set me straight when my own journey was in need of guidance. 

I salute Ant & Dec for having me on stage at the NEC to sing with Blue and exercise my version of a slut drop … That day I went with the  intention to be on that stage – I made it happen !! 

High five to the NTA producer that replied to my direct message regarding suppling creatives to the National Tv Awards – What a Sassy experience that was!! 

Thanks to Davina for answering my phone when it rang at the Big Brother Live final …. The journey that then lead from that was empowering to say the least – 

Respect to Kevin, a client who sadly isn’t here anymore. This man said yes when I promised to solve a problem for him … it created the biggest single sale that the company I was working for at the time had ever seen and solved his problem with less expense than he had anticipated !! 

Business Development Creative Thinking with a sprinkle of sass made all the above happen!

Anyway I digress lol – 

I am a loving, compassionate and caring women.  Being both empathetic and a problem solver I naturally want to help and fix things for people.  Service delivery and treating people as i would like to be treated is the Reason CreativSAS was founded - I feel great when I am able to make a difference to someone.  Especially when I act as a mentor or consultant to develop others.

I am a true creator and visionary.  I experience pure joy when being creative.  People close to me know how passionate I am about my business and the vision for the future. I have gratitude and a sense of appreciation for my place in life.



right now i'm


Sat in rollers SAS storming on a zoom call  with a client regarding their launch event 

Ordering a breakfast brunch at 6pm because its my favourite power source to keep me sassy 

Hanging out my Tutu to dry hoping the neighbours don’t see my big sassy pants 


Thinking about creating another magical MOMent to surprise my teenage kids in order to bring a little sassy balance to this crazy CreativSAS world that I love  …. 


"you've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself"

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