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The                        Motivation and Development (MAD) SASters Tea Party


SASters, it’s time to get that pinky out (we mean your little finger - cheeky!!!) as we prepare the china, spill the tea and eat all the cake!

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Have Your Cake and Eat It!

What's it all about?

Channel your inner Alice in Wonderland and come along to the quintessential 'Motivation And Development (MAD) SASters Tea Party' hosted by the magical action-orientated powerhouse - Belief, Brand and Business Development Fairy Godmother, JoJo Smith!

You will leave this MAD tea party, not only motivated and developed, but also crowned with extra courage, confidence and sassy self-belief. 

At the MAD SASters Tea Party themed workshop, you will have the opportunity to plug into the energy source that is JoJo, as she spills all the tea, sharing her 20+ years of expertise and experience of belief, brand and business development. With a proven track record, not only in her own success, but with her global stream of clients too, her unique style of working practices, strategy and infectious high energy will encourage, empower and elevate you.

Jojo's Wish...

One of JoJo’s wishes is for everybody to ‘have their cake and eat it in life’.


When one attends a grand tea party… one expects cake! Well, there will obviously be cake, but there will also be the sassy filled business development cakes too… every business is built layer by layer (much like a cake) and at this tea party,  JoJo is there to guide and give you the ingredients and tools you need, in order to create your own delicious cake. There is no magic wand, as JoJo prefers to use her directional pointing stick, to help point you in the right direction, to find the solid foundations and the icing that holds everything in place, allowing you to celebrate yourself, your accomplishments and your dream - slice by slice.

Believing there is no such thing as ‘an average Jo’, JoJo has made it her business to help others believe that they are individually made for more. It’s time to break the mould, and stop trying to squeeze into boxes to fit in. JoJo encourages us all to fiercely break out of that box and give ourselves the opportunity to enjoy being ourselves.

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During the workshop, JoJo will explore what sassy strategies and skills you
could use to keep it simple, yet impactful.

Belief - This will all be about popping on your big bloomers of belief. The foundation of any fairy tale is believing in yourself. your brand is no different - and with confidence and self-awareness, you can construct a business that thrives and makes your dreams come true.

Brand - What's a business without an identity that's as authentic as you are? JoJo will do a brand audit, talk about your brand bunch of anchors and dig deeper into why you're not standing out. What's quirky to you? What might be holding you back? What are you not doing consistently?


Business Development - Once the layers are in place, it's time to ice and decorate with sprinkles. On top of strong foundations, business development is the key to a happy ever after. ​​

Join JoJo as she spills the tea!

This is the ultimate SAS storm in a tea cup (in a good way) – it’s not about creating unnecessary fuss, it’s about creating the storm, attention and the essential fuss and sass needed for you and your business – allowing you to shine and sparkle – because, you are important enough! In the words of Lizzo:



The ‘Motivation And Development (MAD) SASters Tea Parties are £222+VAT and are hosted at The Fig and Olive, Tamworth, West Midlands. Click the link below to see our upcoming dates!

"In case no body told you today, you're special!"
Courage, confidence and sassy self-belief
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