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CreativSAS Sassy Nugget dip

The Success
Sassy Nugget Dip

The Cold Water                             


Do you want to access some nurturing, natural and nourishing nuggets?

Combo Platter.

You won't feel the cold, but you will feel the POWER!

Sassy Dip CreativSAS

Self Awareness Building – Enabling You to Connect to Yourself and Others

Ever fancied a cold-water dip? We have seen a huge boost in the use of cold water immersion, a popular wellness and recovery practice – but, one that is not recommended to be done alone, and this is why Sassy Swan, JoJo Smith is hosting ‘The Sassy Nugget Dips’.


Like a nugget hitting the sauce, you my sassy friend, will have the opportunity to immerse yourself into the lake, sea or cold water, ensuring you get the plethora of scientifically proven benefits that Mother Nature provides and lots more, all whilst being guided by a Wim Hof certified Cold Water Therapy Instructor.

Many celebs and well-known names love cold water therapy, including; Professor Green, Holly Willoughby, Lizzo, Kim Kardashian, Jack Dorsey, Zac Efron… and many more. A recent article in Harpers Bazaar said; “studies show that cold plunges, also known as cold water immersion, are rich in physical and mental benefits. And if that isn’t enough to convert you, countless high-achievers credit their success to a combo platter of meditation and cold plunging.”

Jojo's First Dip...

In 2021, out of curiosity, JoJo first stepped into the cold water, as she wanted to know she could do it, this was part of her continued quest to constantly push herself beyond her comfort zone - as she knows that there is a power that comes in getting uncomfortable. 

Cold water dipping has MAHOOOSIVE benefits on your health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally, and due to this, it also has huge benefits and transformative power in helping you to release and identify the barrier/s that could be holding you back from being yourself, and then empowering you to take your next sassy steps to success. 

Do you believe you can do it?


Do you believe in you?


This is it Sas-ter… do you want to access these nurturing, natural and nourishing nuggets?


Are you feeling the call of the cold, but want to do it with the support of warm hearts?

Sassy Nugget dip - CreativSAS
SASsy Nugget Dip? 

The bonding experience of taking a cold water dip is like no other. We have to get vulnerable to fully experience the life changing benefits that it provides, and it's in this vulnerability that we are able to open up and share our goals.  This is no ordinary team building activity!  The sassy professionals who have already taken a dip together have left with a stronger connection to themselves and their team. This experience gives clarity and frees up valuable headspace, and most importantly creates a solid foundation for courage, confidence and self-belief! 

If you and your team are ready to step into your SAS (aka self-awareness strategy) brace for impact as this is sure to supercharge energy and enthusiasm, which in turn is great for performance and productivity. These corporate packages can be made to measure. 

Sassy Nugget dip CreativSAS
Sassy Nugget Dip - Jojo Smith

Awaken your inner SAS


Is your whole team in need of a

This is often the                                           that people need in order to step back onto their success path!

STOP and fresh start

You’re invited to join ‘The Belief, Branding and Business Development Fairy Godmother’, JoJo Smith, alongside Angela Florence Bentley, who is a Wim Hof Level 2 Certified Cold Water Therapy Instructor on the next ‘Sassy Nugget Dip’. This powerful duo will guide you, encourage you and empower you through this experience. 


Firstly, you are educated on the power of cold water immersion therapy, then it’s time to be vulnerable - because vulnerability builds connection. Together, we then complete meditations and breath work training – based on the Wim Hof method - learning to control your breathing and bringing awareness to it, before being guided safely into the water - we all underestimate what we are capable of and this is all about mind over matter. Post-dip, it’s time to warm up with the warrior stance dance (more effective than any foil blanket!), and we then reflect on the power we have collectively unleashed, celebrating our success with a cup of JoJo’s famous sassy pink soup!  

This isn’t just about physically stepping into the water, it’s also about metaphorically stepping up, taking control and being intentional and activating your self-awareness. This powerful exercise, allows you to step into your SAS – your ‘Self Awareness Strategy (SAS)’. Like the nugget dipping in that sauce, to you being able to access your own source and power within and be able to dip into your own self-awareness strategy from this dip onwards!

Want to document this SASsy experience?


The incredible photographer, Ali Ford, will capture this life-changing experience, ensuring you receive powerful images of this magical moment that you can add to your success scrapbook - always reminding you how capable you are!


We promise that this will be an experience that you can hold dear, as a turning point, where you took back control of your life with intention - from this powerful dip, you will see growth in your courage, confidence and self-belief.  

Take back control

You won't feel the cold, but you will feel the power!

You will take control of your breating.

You will learn how to build mental resilience and discipline.

You will teach your body to respond to what you're going through by using the power of your mind.

You will awaken the deepest part of your brain with connection, intention and loving self-belief.

Sassy nuigget dip Cold water dipping

You will feel the bliss and serenity by stopping and filly immersing yourself in the moment.


You will feel motivated, happy, strong and healthier.


You will experience an incredible endorphin release!


You will feel back in control.


You will see growth in your courage, confidence and self-belief.

The proof is in the partaking...

“I made a decision to put myself in a freezing cold lake. I was frightened of the pain this would cause me, (because I have a pain condition that massively worsens in winter), but, I did it anyway because I wanted to focus on mind over matter. What happened on this day will change my life forever. I got out of the lake, and my mind felt empty, and my body felt ‘well’ for the first time in a long time.” 

Sassy nuigget dip Cold water dipping
Abigail Horne

“I’m still processing the power of today! Thanks to the magical JoJo Smith and ‘The Sassy Nugget Dip’ I have had an amazing day of connection full of laughter, tears, deep breathes, cold lake dips and a whole lot of love… I don’t think I’ve ever had an endorphin release like it! Now I understand the ‘why’ of all you cold water lovers and it amazed me that there was no shivering when we came out!! Blissful. I have definitely added a new power tool to my wellness toolbox today and can’t wait for the next one…”

Sassy nugget dip - CreativSAS
Ali Swift


SASters, we do not recommend that you try cold water immersion without the support of a professional.

If you have any medical concerns, please do get in touch on and one of the team will be happy to discuss this with you. However don't be put off, because the effects of cold water immersion can be massively beneficial for a whole range of health issues. 

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