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The #sassynotsorry chapter is very close to my heart and i want nothing more than to share it all with you!” You'll find this in  “There she glows”  vol.2 this was one of the hardest goals I’ve set myself to bring to life. It’s one of my proudest achievements to date...I made a wish and I made it come true! The feeling of empowerment in this moment was phenomenal, I never thought i'd be able to tell people i am a best selling author! 


I’m now on a mission to share the SAS and pay it forward so others can create their wishes into reality with strategy. There is something kind of special about leaving a legacy, knowing that they’ll be part of your story somewhere out there to inspire, guide and motivate others even when you're not around to share it in person.  Lockdown saw the world change in so many ways and for me it was a positive, however one of the biggest negatives that really made an impact on me was the statistic that domestic violence rose 700% in the first lockdown.


Once I was aware of this mind blowing statistic I made a promise to myself that this would be a cause that I would support via my lockdown positive - my personal and company growth during the pandemic is something I'm hugely grateful for!


View the Sassy Soiree pics here


“Jo! I just finished your chapter in the sun… I loved it!!! I never knew you did this kind of stuff…!! Honestly just reading that today has been so inspiring and helpful for me with how i feel at the moment, it really touched me. Well done! Bloody loved it!”


“Reading your story was so powerful! I felt so connected, I was so touched. You are a fabulous writer, I got to the end and I cried… you are so inspirational!“


“ It made me laugh, cry and all kinds of emotions, i found it funny and inspirational, it was written really well!”


dani wallace

Fly Anyway Foundation

The Fly Anyway Foundation was launched in 2020 to help survivors of domestic abuse access some of the best mentors and business service providers in the UK, to help them to build a successful and sustainable business.

THE FLY ANYWAY FOUNDATION is close to my heart as it was founded by my mentor and friend Dani Wallace. It will change the lives of those it gets to work with... and the ripple effect is set to be a pandemic of positive pollination!

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