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Sassy Celebrations

Sassters, it’s been a while! We’ve been working hard and there’s been some extra special celebrations going on in SASS-VILLE. Endeavours include…

The Sassy Amazon Show! Our first event where CreativSAS brought immersive entertainment to a BIG celebration with Amazon for their 2nd Birthday at BHX4. CreativSAS bringing only the sassiest of showmen!! Event Brief: We need a compère… Response: Are you ready for a CreativSAS Compère… Immersive, Interactive – The Sassy Soul Of The Party!! ? Clients Words – This weekend you were AMAZING at Amazon – Event Fun Stuff in a Sassy Not Sorry Style!!

The launch of the 2nd Series of the Sassy Not Sorry Notebooks! Another Amazon-related endeavour, take a look at our new arrival notebooks! The CreativSAS Signature Notebook is now available in Black as well as Pink. I have also released the Cheek-HE no need to nag him notebook – A Sassy Somewhere For All Those “To Do Jobs” to Be Jotted Down! You could put your sassy thank you’s in there too…

Take a look by clicking

here! As you know, CreativSAS has a motto of being “Sassy Not Sorry”, my notebooks are always inspired by personal messages which I would love to encourage people to live by, the REMEMBER you’re a limited edition notebook is all about reminding you that nobody does you, like you! Be unapologetic for who you are, your ideas and your feelings – use this notebook to be creativ and sassy in all areas of YOU and your awesomeness! Take a look by clicking here!

Personal Celebrations – my special someone celebrated being half a century! The pressure was on to be creativ and sassy in a COVID-19 situation! How to celebrate and social distance at the same time????? Using my creativ 3C Crown method (more coming soon on this…) I came up with a perfect solution and plaice.

What do you get a fisherman for his 50th?

The big 50th fish-off!! Hire a lake, with individual peg spaces (these were already 2m apart… super-sassy social distancing!), for the young ones of the party, they got some education home-school photos to prove lessons had been learned! Nets were filled with fish, and glasses were filled with fizz! Every sole enjoyed their day! It was only right that he had his own personalised CreativSAS hoodie and logo… “The grumpy old hooker” got both! If you’re stuck for an idea for a big celebration, this is the PERFECT opportunity to reach out using our Chit-Chat Form, business or life event, if you’re stuck for ideas, let us help you add the CreativSAS!

Branding updates! Look out for branding updates in the next blog, we’ve been working with some great people and their businesses – big reveals coming soon! There’s not a lot that doesn’t go on in the world of CreativSAS, I guess you could say that we’re the “GO TO” for all things creativ and sassy!

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