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CreativSAS Birmingham Business Development Consultant

Need some

Shoot for the stars and forget your limits with uninterrupted pure indulgent creativ space with the SASsy fairy godmother herself - JoJo Smith! 

Jojo Smith Business Development Consultant CreativSAS

Getting bogged down

in business? 

Sometimes you need a little SPACE from everyday life, your business, and all the other things running around in your head to get perspective. Nothing stifles your sparkle and creativity faster than getting bogged down in all the little details. If you are not giving yourself space to breathe, you’re never going to see the bigger picture and create that SASsy business you’ve always dreamed about. Clarity, creativity, vision, innovation and direction, all require SPACE aka Sassy Planning And Creativ Energy.

You need some uninterrupted time with 

JoJo Smith!

You don’t have to do this alone. Get a full, SASsy, stupendous twenty-four hours alone with your business and branding fairy godmother JoJo Smith. That’s an epic offer beyond all proportions—the WISH of all wishes. 


Because SPACE gets you out of your head and off to another planet, where you have the time to sit back, count the stars and get that creativity flowing. What better than a break to get your fairy tale back on track and your brand shooting like a rocket to that happy ending?

What can S.P.A.C.E do for you?

It will give you Specific clarity on who you are 


Personal Belief that you don’t need to settle for second place


A solid plan to keep you on track every day until you get there

Confidence to achieve your wildest business dreams

Energy to keep you motivated throughout your journey

A beautiful location to match your potential

Choose between an overnight countryside adventure or a whole day of SAS in the city. With a bird’s eye view, good company and some magical creativity, you’ll soon be back in your carriage and heading towards happily ever after.

Imagine what it would feel

like to have S.P.A.C.E

Need some SPACE of your own? Start by booking in your little window of magic. We'll work on building your brand, growing your confidence and making you better than ever.

An opportunity of a lifetime

Fill in our contact form, and we’ll let you know our upcoming availability. Strap on your space suit - because you’re ready for lift-off!

tree lined path  by Werner Sevenster

Investment from: £2,555 + VAT

(Price location dependent)

Rachel Till / CreativSAS

What do our clients think of SPACE?

Rachel Till

Rebel Leaders

I had such a brilliant time in my SAS SPACE with JoJo. I was craving some time out from the day-to-day in my business. I really needed some help to untangle my busy brain and get clear on my brand and business direction. But as much as I needed time and space, I also needed a co-creator and inspiration. Someone to help my ideas land and bring their own ideas and objective views to the party. Someone to keep the momentum going until I reached the breakthrough and clarity I so needed.

I work in brand and marketing myself, so believe me when I say I can be tough to impress! But from day one I trusted JoJo's energy and process and there was something very freeing about 'surrendering' that time and space to someone like JoJo - letting go and seeing what comes out of it.

I knew from our initial call that she had the perfect energy, skill set and purpose to match mine. To see me for who I really am. And wow, did she deliver on what she promised! Jojo took extra care to ensure I got what I needed from our time together, she really went the extra mile. From the process itself to the drinks, goodies, notebooks and a plentiful supply of snacks and giggles.


I emerged lighter and brighter from our space together with a real sense of unlocking the true me, the true potential, and a mission that was bigger than I had realised. She took me out of myself and then put me back in again with my crown and sparkles back in place.


I truly feel like she has been my Fairy Godmother who showed up exactly when I needed her. I'm ready now to make magical things happen!


Thanks so much JoJo. Here's to many more sassy sessions in the future 

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