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A unique programme to help you crown your courage, confidence and self-belief

Launching FABUSAS Digital in July 2024!

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A 22 day self study email course which is your secret weapon to zapping those limiting beliefs, building fabulous new habits and loving yourself beyond belief!


🩷 22+ Days of SAS direct to your inbox 

🩷 6 video masterclasses with Jojo

🩷 Bonus sessions and a special guest

🩷 Downloadable worksheets 

🩷 a FREE e-book 

£222 +VAT

JoJo Smith - CreativSAS

Have you ever wished for the FAB U to appear?

You know ...The Happy Sassy & Successful version of yourself that you daydream about and admire?

I told you that you could help yourself and be that person and have everything you’ve ever wished for in life just by stepping forward and calling in the SAS - The FAB U SAS !!

What if...

Would you step forward ???

IMAGINE how exciting and fulfilling life would be if you had the power to achieve anything you wished for, to literally create a life that you love. To have a sense of trust and confidence in yourself and all that you do , whilst being lively, bold, full of spirit and a little bit cheeky, imagine if you could accomplish all that your heart desires.

What would your wishes be?

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Live in the

sun, living

your best life?

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Create a legacy with impact?

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Leave your job and chase your dreams?

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Start a business that lights you up?

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Travel the world?

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Maybe even become a Fairy Godmother?

I know someone who did that

The thing is .... You are so much more POWERFUL than you think

But you hold yourself back...

You’re weighed down with doubt, worry, fear, lack of self belief and you’re sabotaging yourself at every turn. You’re literally standing in the way of your own success - and you know it... and it’s so damn frustrating!!

What you need is the self awareness to quickly recognise when your brain is stuck in a negative cycle and a fail proof strategy and set of tools to get you out of it quick smart and combat the “what if and worry wheel that starts to turn just moments into your destiny daydream.

Which is where I, your

comes in...

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I have created a programme that will take you from

frown to crown!

You see, I’ve been where you are now; unhappy and frustrated as I watched life pass me by. My mind munchkins were stopping me from achieving all the things I wanted and wished for

I don’t want that for you

Jojo Smith - Sassy Fairy Godmother

So I’ve taken everything I’ve learned on my journey to cr-owning my courage, confidence and self belief and packaged it up into my CreativSAS © signature system for powerful change.

Welcome to FAB U SAS It’s so easy but the results are mind-blowing. Magical some might say. You’ll leave with a sassy not sorry spring to your step and an unstoppable sustainable power surge of self-belief.

The problem is...


If is a very small word with a very big meaning,
usually used to admit something as being possible but relatively insignificant”

It’s time to shift your but and step into your significance

It's time to shift your BUT and step into


It's spelt out really -

SIGN-IF-I-CAN-CE -------- Then it MAY BE !!!

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Move or stay arrowed signs
Jojo Smith - FABUSAS
Allow me to introduce you to...
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Aka a cheeky & Creativ’ SELF-AWARENESS STRATEGY to discovering and developing your courage, confidence and self belief which enables you to take the first steps and more importantly how to keep taking the steps towards your goals and aspirations - let’s turn your wishes into reality with strategy.

My Creative Self Awareness Strategy is
tried, tested and trusted, not just by me but by others too!

Listen to what these SASters from the Live programme thought: 

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Magic wand AKA directional pointing stick
makes sense if...

YOU are weighed down with worry, fear, doubt and a lack of self-belief, you’re sabotaging yourself at every turn.


YOU are standing in the way of your own success, you know this and that is what is so frustrating.


YOU never feel truly comfortable in your own shoes and keep admiring other peoples


YOU have no confidence to speak up and show up and be seen


YOU are convinced that you are not good enough or not worthy.


YOU believe that being successful in life and business is out of your reach,


YOU assume that your dreams are just pipe dreams and only happen to other people


YOU are stuck on a train of negative thoughts and are unable to get off.


YOU want to leave a legacy to help others see their potential and need to master your own first

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The ability to do something that frightens you. Strength in the face of pain or adversity

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Feelings of self assurance arising from an appreciation of your own abilities and qualities

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Thinking and trusting positively about yourself

When you don’t have the COURAGE to know your worth, the thought of putting yourself

out there frightens you.

I get it babe because I’ve been there and now I will be there to hold your hand and encourage you and show you how fabulous and capable you are!

Before you know it, you could be full of a new kind of energy, taking every ROARSOME opportunity that comes your way

It’s time to own that CR-OWN!

You can do this!!

You may currently feel like you are having a staycation with Imposter Syndrome, but

together we can give that early checkout.

You too can be feeling lively, bold, full of spirit and a little bit cheeky.

Ready to rock that CR-OWN even if it is a bit on the wonk because who wants to be perfect that shizzle is exhausting – we want to be #sassynotsorry – totally UNAPOLOGETIC for who were are !!

You are a diamond and trust me when I say the world can see the shine that you have, you

just need to see it too!

Together with the help of your Fairy Godmother you will be looking in the mirror and finally smiling with passion and purpose at that the Queen staring back at you.

Pass me the sunglasses babe were going to need UV protection from the light you will radiating xx

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Jojo Smith

Jojo is not a coach – she is more like a carriage , she will get you to your destination with style, SAS and mentorship.

This contagious, award-winning, pink loving, happy, sassy and successful Business Development & Branding Fairy Godmother is all about being unapologetic and sharing how to really live a joyous life with your full positive potential by just being YOU.

Jojo is a survivor of the childcare system and a marriage breakdown. She is living proof and an advocate that regardless of your background and previous adversity, your past scary pumpkins are the power source to your pure potential! She has an infectious attitude of gratitude for the lows in life and how to reframe them.

Jojo spent over 20 successful but not fulfilled years dulling her positive personality down to a 7/10 to fit into the required corporate norm within the business world and didn’t truly step into her full sassy not sorry self until her new life as an entrepreneur required an abundance of consistent courage, confidence, and self-belief.

Jojo discovered and developed her own USP through a creative and sassy Self-Awareness Strategy now affectionately referred to as her CreativSAS. This proud founder of CreativSAS has since gone on to be a stand out successful business owner, bestselling author, Radio show host,  podcast show host, inspirational guest speaker and Great British Entrepreneur Award Finalist. 

Jojo is an independent creative consultant for some of the world’s largest household brands and within the education sector, however finds ultimate joy specialising in strategic branding, business direction and mentorship for new and existing entrepreneurs. She helps them to create a sustainable life that serves them by turning their wishes into reality with strategy.

Being a Fairy Godmother I get to discover, encourage and develop the potential of others, in business and in life.

In Jojos words... “I get to fix frowns into crowns in my dream job. I am now super passionate about sharing my SAS with others that CHOOSE to step into their dream shoes and their destiny. Once you master your SAS and use it consistently then everything else will follow.”

This is why I created
and I am so excited to share it with you


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6 x video masterclasses over 1 month (for digital) Interactive masterclasses for the live version

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Accountability check ins so that

you're ALWAYS on track

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Downloadable Worksheets

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FABUSAS Welcome Pack (live version only)

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Facebook group with community support

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FREE Sassy Not Sorry E-book

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Fairy Godmother bonus session

LIVE Programme Coming in 2025

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Standard 6 session/6 week programme as detailed on this page PLUS any bonus speakers available at the time of sign up

Everything from the Signature SAS plus

one extra week AND a 1:1 60 Minute Super SAS Storm session (worth £450)

From £888 +VAT

From £1,222 +VAT

For the live programme Fairy Godmother’s don’t work alone...

Jojo has worked with some of the leading business coaches and mentors in the uk and across the pond and promises to bring their expertise and knowledge to those that take fast action xx

Her circle of sassy support is strong, loyal and full of successful sparkle !!

If .... You choose to work with Jojo then you can bet your bottom doller she is going to give her business besties a holler to sprinkle some of their awesome expertise your way

The queen bee herself has been an integral  inspiration and fellow magic maker when it comes to success and speaker coaching to Jojo 


Dani Wallace, the UK's most exciting breakthrough motivational speaker and

speaker coach, has made it her mission to help as many female entrepreneurs as possible get

their business message & 'mission' nailed so they can become more visible and get in front

of more of the people they are able to help




That means, for many entrepreneurs, they'd rather be in the bloody casket than reading the eulogy! THAT SIMPLY WILL NOT DO. If you don't get to grips with being able to SPEAK your message you're leaving money on the table and a whole raft of your ideal clients without your help.! 

DANI will be flying in with a Super Bee Bonus for all those serial self saboteurs

Dani Wallace.jpg

Dani Wallace

Laura Rowe, Founder of Align Lifestyle is a global Wellness and Empowerment coach, and a trauma and cancer survivor, on a mission to help people feeling exhausted by life to prioritize self-care and understand how they can implement it into their day to day life in a manageable way because after struggling for years with anxiety, depression and eventually cancer, Laura learnt the hard way, that if we don't make time for our wellness, we'll be forced to make time for our illness.


“I am passionate about creating a society with less burnout, anxiety & stress, so we can be a nation more focused on health, wealth & happiness.”- Using science backed techniques such as meditation, breathwork, yoga and mindset practices, Laura is here to help more of us embrace better health without it feeling like a chore.


Laura will be sliding in with Modern Meditation: A beautiful fusion of breathwork, movement, empowerment, and meditation against a backdrop of chilled out beats has Laura’s modern approach to meditation selling out time after time.This exclusive session has been designed to help hold and connect with the soul of SAS with love and will help improve self-awareness, self-belief, creativity, and confidence.

Laura Rowe.jpg

Laura Rowe

Performance & Success Coach who specialises in Amplifying growth for the ambitious in business and the elite in sport following injury Retirement – Emma brings the challenge and responsibility aspect with clarity and no judgment – Jojo has worked with Emma since day one of her business


“This inclusive SAS session will take you on a journey of opening yourself up to the awareness that you always have options and the power to choose in life, even when it’s challenging, and the world is constantly changing.  We will explore that with choices comes freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility.  Not everyone wants to take responsibility for a better life.  Do you…?  Let’s find out!”

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Emma Robinson

Bringing the Pretty and the Practical elements of business to life with a build a business checklist bonus session


Danielle believes everyone deserves to run a business doing something they love, but turning your passion into a business is often overshadowed by all the things you need to do in the background! Danielle clears the fog and worry whilst holding your hand in a supportive yet sassy kind of way “she knows all the bits we are scared of and makes it manageable with her magic – her ability to make your dreams do-able in a pretty yet practical way is her unique super power - Think of her like having a business partner - someone you can bounce ideas off, who will make sure you're keeping on track and get your business organised without having to give away a share of your profits! Think Tinkerbell – she pops up to sort the serious stuff for the stars of the show and you just blooming love the bones of her .

Danielle Hansen CreativSAS

Danielle Hansen

Dr Clair is a Clinical Psychologist specialising in healing the impact of
relational trauma.

Her background in the NHS was primarily in a service for children who were
fostered or adopted, so she helped those children and families heal
developmental, relational, and intergenerational trauma.

Dr Clair has now been in private practice for a few years, seeing mainly
adults and couples. She uses a variety of powerful and effective attachment
and trauma models to help adults release past trauma and heal the inner
child wounds they've been carrying that still impact them today
- whether
that's in terms of how we see/feel about ourselves, how we show up in the
world, or in our relationships. Dr Clair helps release these burdens and
free people to live with inner peace and ease in their true self, and to
their full purpose, whether in themselves, their personal life or in

Clair Burley

Claire Burley.JPG

LIVE From The Hamptons, New York!

Sarah is a successful entrepreneur, bestselling author and multiple business

owner, Sarah has always been guided to help others find their version of success, creativity and intuition


Sarah is the voice and founder of Creative Feng Shui®. She helps her clients around the world create powerful activations for success, wealth, health and happiness in their home, life and business. The relationship between Sarah and JoJo is a very sassy not sorry one that has bloomed from respect and a soulful connection


Sarah’s creative understanding ,nurturing approach is matched perfectly with all that a fairy godmother would want to bring to others.

Sarah Stone

Sarah Stone.jpg

Jo McMeechan

Jo McMeechan

The Sassy Summer Sessions Extra Portion of

SPF – Super Power Factor

This Bonus is Super special and was added as a Must-Have Item – Meet My Sassy Not Sorry Friend Jo McMeechan– There’s no such thing as an average Jo and this one is sassy smart and bringing another element to FAB U SAS xx


A Self-Awareness Strategy that you may never have even considered before – Awareness and Acceptance is The key to unlocking The FAB U SAS YOU – have you ever considered your Processing Powers before???

Know Your Processing PowersⓇ

Award-winning Neuro Physiotherapist, SEN Consultant and Neurodiversity Activist, Jo McMeechan, uses her expert knowledge of neuroscience to show you exactly how to create a space in your power. Jo uses her own Know Your Processing Powers®️ approach with her clients who include the next Paralympians and Pride of Britain winners to maximise their potential and stand in their diverse power.


Understanding your own innate needs is a powerful tool to self-acceptance. Her training is particularly enlightening for Neurodiverse individuals who identify as ADHD or Autistic but there is something to be taken by everyone around the power of diversity in our brains.


and this is an ALL INCLUSIVE programme!

These bonus' are here for everyone who joins the LIVE programme!

is the course for you if...

You are done with letting opportunity pass you by!


You want to stop the frustration of overthinking everything


You are excited to break free from those patterns that are holding you back from stepping into your true potential.


You want to chase those dreams and turn them into a sassy reality


You want to start believing in your fabulous self and own your crown


You want to banish the fear, doubt and worry into the past and focus on one hell of a sassy future


You want to seize every opportunity that comes your way!


And you’d like a huge dose of cheeky down-to-earth fun, support and encouragement whilst we empower you to make these changes...

I'd love to invite you to the 




FABUSAS Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will FABUSAS be suitable for me if I don’t have my own business yet?
    100% as courage, confidence and self belief are essential life tools, FABUSAS is for life, not just for special occasions
  • Will there be a payment plan available?
    For FABUSAS LIVE you can split your payment into two. Your first payment will be made when you secure your spot, and the second payment will be due 2 weeks later. There are no payment plans available for FABUSAS Digital. Payment must be made in full before starting the programme.
  • How much time per day will I have to set aside for FABUSAS?
    It takes 21 days to break a habit, 96 days for a lifestyle change, it’s like riding a bike, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Commitment and time level is down to you, at an absolute minimum 5 -10 minutes per day on non session days.
  • Which Facebook group can I have access to?
    For the LIVE FABUSAS programme an exclusive group will be open for the duration of the course. Like all good hotels there will be early check in and late check out. If you sign up for FABUSAS Digital, your community can be found in the Happy Sassy Facebook Group which is always open for business!
  • How can I watch the masterclasses?
    All sessions for FABUSAS LIVE will be held live and then recorded and made available on Zoom or in the Facebook group for you to catch on replay. If you sign up for FABUSAS Digital, all sessions are pre-recorded and can be watched in your own time.
  • What can I expect from the workshop sessions?
    FAB U SAS is based around reframing, retraining and maintaining your mindset. We concentrate on taking the space and time to have a word with ourselves and unpick all our FABULOUS positive aspects about our true self . Q. When was the last time you actually gave yourself a genuine pat on the back or recognised the glorious good stuff about YOU? Research suggests that it takes 21 days to break a habit – 96 days for a lifestyle change – FAB U SAS runs for 22 days with accountability and sessions that will sort out and show your true sparkle and provide a strategy for you to call on. All the negativity and lack of courage , confidence and self-belief we hold , comes from years of habitual self-sabotage and negative talk or mindset beliefs that we have adopted as truths for ourselves. FAB U SAS is all about taking the time to rummage around and pull those POSITIVES out of your self-storage – Then we throw the old negatives out and break those habits – We set new intentions and reframe and retrain your sassy not sorry brain . This workshop gives you the time space, tools and accountability to get the job done along with the support of a tribe that all have the same goal – magic happens when you surround yourself with a connective community. Rapid reframing , Happy Habits and responsibility have become my own techniques and haven’t failed me yet, hence why I created FAB U SAS . Having a Self-Awareness Strategy has been key to my Happy Sassy and Successful Life.
Jojo Smith Creativ SAS

Making positive changes on our own can be hard. Nothing changes if nothing changes! This is why I’ve created a community around this pro- gramme.


Magic happens when we’re surrounded by like-minded people, all cheering each other on.

if you’re feeling called to make some changes.


Take that first step.


Take it in faith and I’ll catch you on the other side and I’ll be with you every step of the way as you put into practice all the mindset magic I’ll be sharing with you.

You've got this babe and I've got you...!

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