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Turning dreams and ideas into real life brands & empowering you to show the world your expertise.











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I wasn't sure where to start and I wasn't really sure how Jo could help me - she quickly changed my mind on this because the direction , expertise and resource that jo comes with has brought my business and branding to life . 

I now feel proud and truly connected to my business and brand . 

It's not just the ideas (which are awesome), it's the reassurance that I know she will be there to actually make it all come to life !!

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I recently worked with CreativSAS for consultancy services my request was for ideas for a project I was working on that needed a fresh perspective from a creative professional. Jo was helpful and insightful with Business Name discovery that were both prompt and plentiful. The ideas generated met the spec I provided and were creative, fun and easy to implement. I am beyond pleased with the results and would highly recommend CreativSAS.


I've since been back to CreativSAS for Business Development & Branding Services - the service was incredible and made my business feel so much more real. These more than fulfilled the design brief and exceeded any expectations I ever had. The whole journey was really enjoyable, whilst easy to understand and reassuring at every stage of the journey, I can’t thank you enough for that. CreativSAS have since helped me with Business Development, a process which has completely transformed the way in which my business operates and performs - I cannot thank CreativSAS enough

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Jo!!  I am soooo happy with my name.... “MOMEMTUM FITNESS” ❤️❤️ Thank you for the creativity and coming up with such a fantastic name that suited!!! I would never have thought of it and I had explored A lot of names! 


The final designs are awesome, really stylish, timeless and better than I pictured I wanted ...... and accessible for all genders. Great marketing. 💪


Thank you for being so patient, when I was being so indecisive with my colours and fonts.... you were supportive, kind and encouraging!!! You saw my vision and nailed it!!! You stuck with me!! 


I will definitely be recommending you! I enjoyed the journey and now feel proud! Thank you xx

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Earlier on in the year, when we were experiencing Lockdown for the first time, I like many others was wondering what direction my life and career path would take. I had ideas but that was about it. Then a friend recommended Jo Smith from Creativ-SAS, saying ‘give it a try, see how you get on’. So I had a ‘Discovery’ call with Jo and we got on brilliantly!  We progressed to online ‘SAS Storming Sessions’ which are always dynamic, an opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, to test and tweak possibilities and potentials.  Jo has an amazing ability to pluck things out of the air with spontaneous bursts of inspiration, creativity and passion. She is an absolute joy to work with; friendly, positive, always cheerful, she has a huge heart. Don’t get me wrong, Jo’s no push over, she’s a gutsy, confident business woman who operates with integrity and sass. But there’s also another side to the Creativ-SAS business. It’s dependable you feel safe and guided.  Together we created and developed my new branding - we went from zilch to zappy in a very short space of time! I now have a new business identity that I love. It’s given me so much more confidence. Creativ-Sas has a Business Development side too which is helping me to run my business efficiently and effectively. It’s all very exciting! I always come away from a session with Jo feeling uplifted and inspired. If you’re not sure which direction to go in, or if you have an idea and don’t know quite how to implement it, Jo will know! Heartfelt thanks to Jo and Creativ-SAS, you came along just at the right time

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