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A program to crown your courage confidence and self belief

If I told you that you could help yourself to everything you’ve ever wanted...why wouldn’t you?

Just imagine how exciting life would be if you had the power to do anything you set your mind to.

To literally create a life you love. What would you do?

Leave your job and chase your dreams?

Start a business that lights you up?

Move home. Moving to another country?


The thing is, you’re so much more powerful than you think. But you hold yourself back.

The thing is, you’re so much more powerful that you think. But you hold yourself back.


You’re weighed down with doubt, worry, fear, lack of self belief and you’re sabotaging yourself at every turn.

You’re literally standing in the way of your own success - and the thing is you know it...and it’s so damn frustrating!!

What you need is the self awareness to quickly recognise when your brain is stuck in a negative cycle and a fail proof strategy and set of tools to get you out of it quick smart!

Which is where I, your sassy fairy godmother comes in.

I've created a 6 week program that'll take you from stuck to sassy

You see, I’ve been where you are now. Unhappy and frustrated as I watched life pass me. My mind monkeys were stopping me from achieving all the things I wanted...

...I don’t want that for you.

So I’ve taken everything I’ve learned on my journey to cr-owning my courage and confidence and packaged it up into my Wish Wheel. It’s my signature system for powerful change. It’s so easy but the results are mind blowing. Magical some might say. You’ll leave the four weeks with a SAS to your step and an unstoppable and unshakeable self belief.


What's included?

6 x one hour online group workshop sessions running for 6 weeks

Printable worksheets

Exclusive private Facebook group

Accountability check ins -  so that you are always on track

FAB U SAS Welcome Pack

Sassy Not Sorry Ebook

but don't just take my word for it...

“It has re-focused my outlook and my ability to see my own skills and what I could achieve, if I'm willing to put the work in and be consistent and intentional with my thoughts and to follow on from that."

"I personally have loved being part of the workshop, I believe it came at the right time for me and I was in need of hearing the message and content of the course. Self development is underestimated and taking a look at yourself is hard to do, but having the tools and encouragement to do it can make such a difference. I would recommend this course, if you are just not sure where you are, or what direction you want to go in. It is a great starting point if you need a courage and confidence boost. It kind of does what it say on the tin lol "

"It was fantastic meeting everyone and being part of this group of amazing women. I did find part of it took me back into the past but I know now that that is a step on this journey I really needed to take. I've come out stronger, more self-aware and more positive. I am consciously catching myself in the act when a negative thought sneaks in and reframing it. Though it does seem that I have a lot of them! Is that because I'm more aware of them now though? A work in progress..."

so if...

● You’re done with watching opportunities pass you by.

● You’re frustrated with overthinking everything

● You’re excited to break free from those patterns that are holding you back from stepping into your true potential.

And you’d like a huge dose of cheeky down-to-earth fun, support and encouragement whilst we empower you to make these changes...

…I’d love to invite you into the FAB U SAS program.

Making positive changes on our own can be hard. Nothing changes if nothing changes! Which is why I’ve created a community around this program. Magic happens when we’re surrounded by like minded people, all cheering each other on.

if you’re feeling called to make some changes. Take that first step. Take it in faith and I’ll catch you the other side and I’ll be with you every step of the way as you put into practice all the mindset magic I’ll be sharing with you.

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