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a.k.a Your Business Development & Branding Fairy Godmother

Creativ Business Development and Branding strategy , helping new and existing business owners identify, develop and promote their unique super power and branding, giving them the confidence to stand out from the crowd and attract the right clients.

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listen up

business development

needs creativity


You want to get creativ in your business, you need to get creativ however you find yourself stuck. 


Confidence, time, energy, creative ideas and direction in (short supply) and a lack of buzz and interest


Time and passion just slipping away, nothing changes if nothing changes…


You find yourself at the bottom of your MOJO Mountain …..


How do you get to That Sassy Summit where you can claim your true business potential and experience the growth , sales and reputation that you are in search of ?

things don't need to be stressful anymore

 Imagine having someone who understands you, your brand/business, who is there to hold your hand and direct you forward.


Your very own creative sas-nav!


Let's get creativ with your passion and purpose - lets get you proud to promote your brand, business or life event using the most direct yet fun routes - with ideas, products and plans that project your personal message and help you engage, evolve and STAND OUT. 


Imagine giving one brief to one person instead of sourcing, briefing and liaising with several different people.

This Fairy God Mother also comes with access to a vast network of Awesome ,Trusted partnered suppliers and professionals that are essential to the Bigger Business Picture - Exclusive Discounts and lead times are available with

The CreativSAS Seal Of Approval 

let's get you proud to be visible

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"You can't use up creativity.
the more you use, the more you have"
- maya angelou
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Hello! I'm Jo!

A Sassy Swish Statement - However The belief is REAL because when I help you discover your Business USP (unique super power) and you promote it with passion and purpose ... it magically becomes your Sassy USP (unique selling point ) which in turn gives you The Power to stand out from the crowd and Cr-OWN your full business potential !!


You’ve heard of Dorothy and her Red Shoes ... well ...she always had the power .. she just had to figure out how to use it.


I’m here for frustrated new and existing business owners that haven’t fully identified or developed their Brand or Business OR are looking for a Sassy scale up ....


As A Creativ & Sassy Fairy Godmother I’m lively , Bold , Full of Spirit and a little bit Cheeky , partner this with the ability to develop ideas that are truly aligned with you and your uniqueness equals a Business that people talk about Don’t let the TuTu fool you into thinking that Sassy doesn’t mean Serious , because when it comes to getting down to business .... Strategy & Sassy go hand in hand !!

the creativ business development and branding fairy godmother!



Work with


Diamond Destination




Like brain storming but with added spirit – 60 mins of 1-1 creativity.


Choose to call or video call . A service to help you inject some Fresh ideas to old and new problems Or stumbling blocks that are holding you back – there is no innovation without creativity …. 2 crowns are better than one !!


60 minutes of Sassy Brain storming with actions and accountability for you to follow!!

RETAINER PACKAGES - SASergy Sessions - Block bookings of power hours where there is a decided destination that requires accountability and direction -sessions to be taken over an agreed set of sessions and time frame .


SASergy Strategy Days - imagine a fairy Godmother for a full working day ... A full day of Sassy Business development strategy and intention setting.


THE VIP OMG Package - for those that require a resident Creativ Consultant - Business Development or Branding FGM . In house strategy , project management and creativ direction . POA terms to be agreed -

CreativSAS Branding packages are -MORE THAN A LOGO

To build a successful business without a BRAND is like going to the Business Ball in just your undies - In order to stand out and project your Businesses personality and passion - you need to dress for the occasion and this outfit needs to reflect your Mission Vision and Values


Our Branding packages are a Collaboration of USP Creativ Consultancy, Branding strategy & Design . You will be proud and confident to announce your arrival and show that your business means business

Choose from a range of packages to suit different budgets and requirements .

Add on side accessories are available


feedback is a gift

It has been a pleasure to work with Jo on my project, she understood what was needed and added the creative overhaul to my project which I couldn't provide.

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