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Jojo Smith CreativSAS




Uncovering your unique magic and turning your business wishes into reality

aka The Fairy Godmother

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Jojo Smith Brand Strategy Birmingham


It's time to find out which layer of the business cake you most need support with (Belief, Brand or Business Development) to fly towards your happy, sassy and successful life... take the quiz! It might not be the one you think!

Jojo Smith Brand Strategy Birmingham


Want to know my 22 steps to a happier, sassier, successful YOU? Well you now have a fairy godmother in your corner to point you in the right direction!

Get my free downloadable workbook to take the first step...

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Jojo Smith Brand Strategy Birmingham

Ready to

make magic?

Every successful business starts with belief.


If you don’t have the confidence or vision to achieve your dreams and make your wishes come true, your business fairy godmother is always here to help.


Where there's a wish, there's a way, and if your business isn't making you love what you do, feel inspired or is holding you back, CreativSAS helps you make that change to live a happy, sassy, successful life.


Are you ready to get SASsy?!



Work with






Creating your fairy tale starts with a sprinkle of perspective and a good dash of self-awareness.


Creativity makes incredible things, from building the layers of your business to bringing the sparkle back to your brand.


CreativSAS can help you reach your fullest potential with a bespoke service that makes YOU the main character of your story.

We all need SPACE sometimes.


Unleash your confident creativity with room to breathe and the freedom to shoot for the stars in our dedicated solo sessions, with a 100% inclusive getaway designed to dust away the cobwebs and bring your sparkle back.


Gain all the benefits of your fairy godmother until the clock strikes midnight – there are no limits to where you can go.

A unique programme to help you crown your courage, confidence and self-belief.


If I told you that you could help yourself and be that person and have everything you’ve ever wished for in life just by stepping forward and calling in the SAS - The FAB U SAS !!

Would you step forward?


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CreativSAS Business Development Birmingham

Introducing JoJo Smith!

Sassy by name, SASsy by nature. As the fairy godmother who makes my client's dreams come true, I know better than anyone how to build a business you love.


At CreativSAS we help people find what they need to make their fairy tales a reality. I know what it's like to be too afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Just like you, I used to dull my sparkle down. 

But then I got brave, that's when success came. 


My life began as a child in care but that didn’t stop me from becoming a fully-fledged wish-maker for my gorgeous customers. Now I use my SAS self-awareness strategy to help you be more aware, accepting and connected to yourself. It's deep work! Because, I believe in intentionally being your best sassy not sorry self, looking inwards to make your brand bigger, better and bolder and a little bit cheekier than ever.  Whoever said you couldn't get your happy ending hasn’t met me. Don’t let the tutu fool you – when it comes to achieving your dreams, I’ll stop at nothing to get you there.

The Brand & Vision Strategist who’s going to help you reach your happy ever after

CreativSAS Seal of Approval

Fairy Godmothers don't

always work alone...

Trusted partners/suppliers

Graphic & Web designers, high quality printing specialists, systems and processing professionals, PR experts, brand photographers, social media/content creators, public speaking specialists, immersive entertainers, events executives

And lots of other Creativ professionals…

The SASsy seal of approval



It has been a pleasure to work with Jo on my project, she understood what was needed and added the creative overhaul to my project which I couldn't provide.

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"You can't use up creativity.
the more you use, the more you have"
- Maya Angelou
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