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FABUSAS™ has been created by Jojo Smith (of CreativSas C). All content, ideas, workbooks and videos delivered as part of the course are the property of Jojo Smith and will remain so.

None of the content should be duplicated, recorded or copied or shared. 

Jojo reserves the right to make changes to any content where it may seem appropriate to improve the quality of the course for all attendees. 

You will receive a full service agreement upon receipt of payment for this programme.




No refunds are available for this course and should you choose to take the payment plan option, you will be required to complete all payments to the full value of the course. 




Content will be delivered weekly either via Facebook live sessions or Zoom calls. If you are unable to attend the session live you'll be invited to watch the replay. If Jojo Smith  is unable to deliver a session due to illness, technical issues or circumstances outside of her control she will endeavour to arrange a new date within the same week. If this is not possible, the session may be delivered by a third party.


These are provided by third party guest experts and can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. In this instance all efforts will be made to find a suitable replacement.

Please note bonuses are added as a complimentary addition and have no monetary redemption value. 

Bonus offers are available for a limited amount of time only. To qualify for all guest experts you must confirm your slot within 24 hours of launch. After this time, bonus' will expire randomly every 24 hours. If you'd like to secure a particular guest slot you can reach out to JoJo at the time of booking.

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